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Where do organizational ideas come from?


After the departure of former President Jean Betrand Aristide in Haiti, the country has experienced a great crisis, at the social level, at the level of education and daily life. We made sure to set up an organization to help children and even young adults already in great difficulty.

In the same year 2004, the economic crisis hit the country hard. Life was a challenge for parents, children and adults. poverty and misery covered the whole country. We were talking to university youth and other seniors to help us overcome this terrible situation. In fact, we had their contribution and they hoped that this activity would work well. From there, we started to organize donation activities in connection with other organizations that seek to provide support to meet the minimum needs of the population.

This job was not easy at all. because among us there were involuntary people who did not really want to work daily with us in the social.

At first we started with five (5) volunteers who worked as fighters. And we managed to win the trust of a majority of young academics and traders who decided to work in the social field and even to donate to people in difficulty. Four months later, at least 83 members had been reunited, including university students, workers, the elderly and traders. All these people were in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Shortly after, or at least a year from now, we had the opportunity to join other departments, such as the South and the Southeast, which had experienced many difficulties.
In the South, we had a maximum of 200 affiliate members led by a committee of 5 members working on the huge and essential plan of continuing education in nutrition, which we mobilized a mobile clinic to help farmers grow. among the five members of the committee, two doctors were recruited as health managers for the mobile clinic's business.

In the Southeast, we had almost the same problem: education, nutrition, health, but there were elderly patients suffering from hunger, housing and others. So we did the same job and it took a lot of time, we formed a committee of 9 people and we increased the membership to 318. In the same southeast in March 2008, a conference on human rights man, education, health, poverty and nutrition were organized.

We had over 1618 people from all areas of the department, 47% of whom became members of the organization despite the miserable behavior they received from us.

We did not have the resources to properly transport everyone and there was not enough food to serve them.

So, we can say that we have about 712 members since the existence of the organization until today, who have different tasks



To convince oneself that the historical mission of the organization is to offer to man a state of the right of freedom and a favorable environment for the full development of his personality and for the realization of his just aspirations.

To be aware of the fact that this mission has already inspired several treaties and agreements whose essential virtue lies in the unanimous desire to live democratically free and through mutual understanding and respect for the sovereignty of each, to ensure the progress of all in the collective work of equality and law. 

Convince that representative democracy is an indispensable condition for stability, respect and development.

To be sure that the true meaning of Haitian solidarity can only be conceived by consolidating in this country and in the framework of democratic institutions, a system of individual freedom and social justice based on the respect of the fundamental rights of the man.

Persuade that the well-being of all, as well as their contribution to the progress and civilization of every citizen, requires more and more closer national co-operation every day.

Determine to pursue this organic noble that the members and the population have entrusted to the UFADI HAITI Organization, Thoses principles and goals they solemnly reaffirm.

Penetrating the fact that the human rights organization is necessary based on moral order and social justice.



Today, everyone is incessantly questioned about the violation and the fundamental rights of women, which in Haiti according to the lack of civil protection like the discrimination against women and poverty are still a dispute for Haitian society. The slogan of the struggle to respect the rights of women is always a priority in the list of all organizations without ignoring the public policy fields of each passing government. Unconsciously all political organizations do nothing more than draw the attention of the general public to the fact without ever advancing the processes of violence against women, they are still victims of death by their spouse.


The oldest case is that of December 24, 2005 which was the host of the cultural and social broadcast of Télémax Madame Ginoue Mondésir shot in the evening by his partner Valdo Jean violently hit his girlfriend with the help of crick of the vehicle he was driving on their return from a family visit to St-Marc, the girl had been murdered by terrible wounds, her eyes dead, her face sobbing and carrying marks of blow to the arm in Arcahaie on the national road to Port-au-Prince. After having beaten her to death, Valdo Jean, had put Ginoue in his car to get rid of what he thought was a corpse as the crowd, alerted by the cries of the victim, intervened. After circling the car, members of the crowd opened the trunk to find the girl still dying. They detained the murderer and transported Ginoue Mondésir to the Nicolas Armand health center in Arcahaie where she died. After alerting a police officer by the inhabitants of the area, identified Ginoue as the presenter of Telemax, the crowd furious, had prepared to give a quarter of an hour to the murderer, but had the life saves.

In fact, the Ministry of Women's Affairs and Women's Rights must act in a distinct way not similar to those of the past, so that the case of violence against women is still a cinematic drama with similar cases of violence against women.


The most recent case in 2018 is a 30-year-old Marlène Colin graduating in nursing in July 2017 in the Dominican Republic murdered to death on Thursday, June 3, 2018 by the father of her four-year-old daughter Rigaud Ernest coming from the diaspora more precisely united states. The victim was found bathed in his blood from head to toe in his residence in Labidou, Jacmel. After administering several stab wounds in several parts of his body.










For the case of the actress of the cinema who today the mayor of the town of Tabarre in Port-au-Prince Nice Simon recognized on his artist name Anne assaulted by his companion Yve Leonard on October 2, 2018, the body of the mayor covered with redness, traces of the brutality of which she was a victim and according to the testimonies of relatives of the victim aggression that inflicts blows is only a repetition usual in the couple. SOS are launched to judges and commissioners of the government, to feminist organizations, to human rights defenders in general, to journalists and especially to the different associations of mayors in order to intervene in favor of the elected of Tabarre, always waiting for them competent authorities on the subject still without success.





All these cases are still without any trace of justice on the part of the Haitian Ministry of Justice and that of the Ministry for the Status of Women and Women's Rights, so they must involve in the fight against violence against women, carry out awareness campaigns to combat the trivialization of machismo and misogyny in this society.

We are very happy and proud to be part of this organization, which will be the right advocate for women's rights, and will take this opportunity to say what they have experienced in the world and the tragedy of their daily lives.

We can not really explain how we are interested in their defense. In many countries, we have experiences lived by women from the community of Carrefour, Delmas and downtown Port-au-Prince: Jacmel, Cape Town, Cayes. With regard to the Artibonite in Saint-Marc and Gonaives, we have seen some people who have experienced such violence, but it should be noted.

Since 2004, the year of the creation of the organization charged with defending human rights, educating and solving their health problems, we are deeply involved in services to the world population. their good situation.

In other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, Hiruguey and Santiago de los Caballeros, we have had the same experience as that of Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Libya, Senegal, Nigeria, Mali), Chile , Brazil, Colombia. , Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Peru / Lima and other areas of the country that are actually victims of violations of their right to violent violation on their own.

Especially in Haiti, women do not have the word, their freedom of expression is not respected, to survive and to be considered, they must sell their genital dignity.

Where are their intellectual abilities?

They have been very involved in everything that has been done in the country, but unfortunately they will not benefit. We take responsibility for all the laws and the defense of all women in the country. We will always fight for their respect, their right to work, their right to education, their right to health.

In particular, many of them suffer from infection. As a result, they are not given the opportunity to be treated because of their vulnerability, as women's decision to be of value in public affairs means that they have to sexually abuse themselves in order to work. thanks to the organization that spoke of the opportunity to transmit the message of the situation of women in the world. We always ask ourselves this question.

Who will defend them?

The increase in the number of reports is more widespread in the fourth quarter (+ 18% compared to the same period in 2016), for crimes more difficult to reveal ".

A total of 40,400 people filed complaints of sexual violence in 2017, including one in four in domestic settings. The authors insist on the interpretation of this rebound, which "may reflect a growing revelation of the values ​​of the victims, and sometimes old facts, to the security forces". They do not favor the hypothesis of an increase in sexual violence perpetrated.



 "The liberation movement of speech helps women to feel stronger, confirms, co-responsible for the Violence Commission of the high Council for Equality between Women and Men They think they will be believed, better listened to and taken into account. "

Interest and participation will play a very important role in this organization and will help us enhance our efforts.

Do not neglect to encourage us to give up the fight against these traps.

Finally, thank God for faith and the best reflection on this issue.