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Educational Projects:

Academic projects to improve the 

Condition of education for low economic means by building at total 100 classrooms for a school year from kindergarten to high school, for a total of 4095 students, 78 rooms of six (6) rooms per class, and 50 students each room..

Six (6) classrooms in the first and second grade of kinder, of 20 students each room, and three (3) room of the third grade of kinder, of 25 students each room.

  • Two chemical chemistry rooms.
  • Two computer lab rooms.
  • Two music rooms of the national culture.
  • One Library.
  • Two teachers' rooms
  • One management and coordination room.
  • Two administration rooms.
  • One refectory room.








Social Housing Development Project  (SHDP)

We are completely in the south of the 10th communal section of Machine for the community project.

For the victims of the Mathew temper, we will plant for them this great project at the level:1- cleaning and treatable water catchment for a population of 7887 inhabitants.

2- Installation of electrification to improve the living conditions of peasants of this zone.

3- Infrastructure control and road condition defined by the following:

A) road measurement in public works

A measurement in km of Marc passing through Tellier to end up with an embroidering of the project area by a 27 km entity

B) the Michel road coming out of Tellier passing by Michel to arrive at Brodequin is 16 km

4- constructions of 3000 apartments in the section concerned and that each inhabitant has their own place.


He is urged to anyone to plant your pieces in this project.



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Jean Marc-nel Etienne