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 Specific objective
1-enable to the young people to  develop in the country, to serve better  their community
2-Help the young people and adults to live better in their community.

3-fashioned lay them on training and give life to everything.

This document is the general requirements and draws attention to certain factors that you must take into consideration when it comes to creating an organization.

The content in four parts:

-1st, is a summary of the general requirements.

-2nd, details about the steps needed to create an organization.

-3rd, contains a discussion of the issues that must be profitable and describes the statutes.

-4th - ... Try the specific topics related to members donations.

Obviously, this type of work cannot be printed substitute competent professionals as to the unique circumstances that accompany the law of the particular organization. However, considering areas of interest to the members who are in the organization ordinarily are the steps we should take to establish the organization and the key to achieve the overall consideration.

Specific objective

1-enable young people to develop in the country to serve better their community2-Help Define the Organization Term used in this brochure refers to an organization in accordance with the usages of the Republic of Haiti can be called non-profit.


The statutes are the charter of the organization, anyone who considers the creation of an organization must determine how they must address each of these points.
Number of members required a minimum of seven (7) to form the organization, but one of them may be in possession of a single action
Nationality of members.
Members may be a natural person, without any nationality issues can all be Haitian or foreign.

The applicant must enclose with your application by the director of the committee and a study prepared by professional ammunition to see if that person meets the requirement or not.


An organization that wishes to work in your community should apply for a license in this area to obtain an operating license.

Gifts in Kind.

If some members of the organization wish to make a donation, they can do so to the extent that they could be in cash or in nature.

.General Meeting
The organizers of the meeting, to do the work of the organization must meet at least five (6) months to approve the financial statements and elect a new director concluded.
Procedures for the establishment of the organization, once the drafting of the statutes is necessaryONG has a non-profit as it is to say, established in 3 departments in Haiti West, South and Southeast, it works in case of development when it comes to: ROAD, ELECTRICITY,WATER, HOUSING, COMMUNITY SCHOOL, PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL. In the program one has to execute in the most vulner able zone as in the rural place.



- To work for the collective well-being and the supervision of the youth, speaking of the most deprived, disadvantaged and domestic children.

-Giving young people a good professional community school and computerized laboratories
-Assist people, young people as adults and vectors to the needs
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Work is the will of everyone who believes in the success of the community he leads. The idea is a dime, a dozen, its value is to make something of it. On the other hand, a leader is someone who has ideas and others can learn somethings about it.
















In 2011 and 2012 all the peasants of the neighborhood worked together for changind the traffics trade situation in this community that every will is a success in life. During years of work in this community, the peasants members of the organization deliver their sweats to the roadside service in the countryside, they all worked voluntarily without thinking of a salary. it shows the dedication they had for development, with the hand tools under the sun, they work to improve the living conditions and the transport situation of this area.

The will is a deliverance weapon without ever receiving the help of the government,without thinking of the hunger that they undergo during the day, but their wishes were the squad, the union and the ambition for the development this area.


 For years, there was no longer any road for the transport of animals or pedestrians, life was a threat to the inhabitants of these landscapes. Then, towards the year 2011 to arrive at 2012, the whole zone completely showed its will to work with the developmen without pretext, they were all delivered in the service of the change. But today, vehicles can move freely in all these areas.











In the midst of social entertainment activities on the anniversary of the organization's date of creation a party organized by young fighters, they also take advantage of it to talk about the defense of women's rights l aborious abuses and sexual violence against them                          .


The means to better serve the community are the desire to provide much needed housing support, especially after the storms they have suffered for years, they need housing remedies whenever possible.

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HAITI: The conditions for democracy are not being met

Now you have access to the links to the interview on the conditions of the democration that have not been met in Haiti, which has just been published. You can now access it from the homepage of CIVICUS (http://www.civicus.org) or directly by following these links to French (https://civicus.org/images/documents/HA%C3 % 8FTI-Jean_Marc-nel_Etienne.pdf) and English (https://civicus.org/index.php/media-resources/news/interviews/3656-haiti-the-conditions-for-democracy-are-not- being-put).

An interview that will also be presented on the web platform "Reimaginating Democracy" which you will find here: https://www.civicus.org/index.php/re-imagining-democracy



The description

A Haitian civil society organization to promote human rights, non-profit. Working in the fields of human rights, violence against women, in education, in health, in social, in culture, in politics and integral development etc.


Rights NGOs
recognized by international entities.


Unite to serve better



Founded on June 11, 2004

Jean Marc-nel Etienne (President),

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A conference on civil protection, entitled "Law of Protection and Civilization of Humanity", will be organized from which international networks, national and international organizations from different sectors, offices of the administrative and private sectors will meet to find a humanitarian solution.



International Investment Fair,

organized by the Ecuadorian government

and of Consorcio de Gobiernos Autónomos

Provinciales del Ecuador (CONGOPE)

October 10, 2018 in Quito.

















The exhibition in projection with

the president of the group CIOA,

with the members and partners

of different regions, and especially

those of Ecuador, for the verification

of the project of development.