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The organization's leadership issues being this valuable and fashionable

challenge for years, the mistreatment of governance for lack of ideas
focused on the fixed plan and goal of organizational management, the
vision degraded and answered the main question to which each
commission of inquiry on good conduct completed, they presented a
theory of failure and organizational crises that we can say unfounded of
the natural law established within of the organization to ensure the study
of each student.

As a large organization characterized by the modern use and design of
advanced knowledge and programs, intense competition, reduced costs
and manpower, disengagement of staff, increasing reliance on
outsourcing and co-development, matrix organization of programs,
professions promoting transversely and flexibility.

The proposal solution of the launch authorization procedure:

The project's consulting team continued to face costly repairs, which prevented the organization from extending the guarantee period for completion of all activities. It was then that the permanent council of the organization adopted a new approach: to transfer certain professionals to the team of consultants from the beginning of a new project, so that they themselves manage the project budget guarantee. In other words, they themselves would suffer the consequences of their design on the guarantee of the council budget. As soon as their cautious approach to collaboration is gone, officials begin to tackle the most difficult issues head-on. The resulting innovative solutions enabled the consultant to achieve its separability objectives, while respecting its other criteria. Very quickly, the organization confronted with these projects will extend the guarantee, eliminating at the same time the position of small coordination and insecure processes.

The reading can teach  the need to know the result obtained, the team's collaborators to increase the resistance to the behavior of each one and to the motivation of these objectives and challenges. This may lead us to create a new position or change our strategic method to coordinate all decisions related to project preparation with all relevant professional branches.

The vital risk, so the complexity is purely unlimited on.

Still in the group, the decision had been implemented in accordance with the procedure that had just been readjusted. Finally, she applied despite several attempts to prevent the execution of several activities. With the context "all speeches must remain a dialogue" is a very useful element in any discussion on the management of the good of the organization, it was therefore necessary to decide on the acceptability or otherwise of the technical risk and to motivate the decision.


Learning Professionnal Center& Adult Literacy Projects (LPC&ALP) 

The UFADI'sHAITI vision is to set up the vocational training and leadership center project for young people from the communities. In the administrative building, all courses will have the opportunity to teach and the following spaces will be available to young students to facilitate their manual and technological work:

  • The conference room,
  • The library,
  • The Office of Archives and Documentation,
  • The research and technology center,
  • The medical laboratory and Chemical analysis,
  • The canteen​



Make observations and groups of consultants on what will be needed to solve problems, over time, for the effects of a decision to be felt, it becomes more difficult to hold the decision maker accountable. We will make sure and avoid the absence of many people involved in launching a project so that they will all be present during a dialogue on the projects. We will be aware of the consequences of our actions, the compromise we have made or the quality of our collaboration, so that they know that the impact on the future will be able to reach the population's dream. In the case of several projects or process works, it may be sufficient to considerably reduce the time required for maturity, to increase the consultation process to achieve a productive result.

Professional courses are available on the following list:


  • Leadership and demo​cracy
  • Office-based computing
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Business management technique
  • Administration technique
  • Pharmacology
  • Nurse assistant
  • Laboratory
  • Plumbing and ceramics
  • Building construction technique





Educational&Academic projects:

To improve the Condition of education for low economic means by building at total 100 classrooms for a school year from kindergarten to high school, for a total of 4095 students, 78 rooms of six (6) rooms per class, and 50 students each room..

Six (6) classrooms in the first and second grade of kinder, of 20 students each room, and three (3) room of the third grade of kinder, of 25 students each room.


  • Two chemical chemistry rooms
  • Two computer lab rooms
  • Two music rooms of the national culture.
  • One Library.
  • Two teachers' rooms.
  • One management and coordination room.
  • Two administration rooms.
  • One refectory room.


Social Housing Development Project (SHDP)

We are completely in the south of the 10th communal section of Machine for the community project.

For the victims of the Mathew temper, we will plant for them this great project at the level:

  1. Cleaning and treatable water catchment for a population of 7887 inhabitants.
  2. Installation of electrification to improve the living conditions of peasants of this zone.
  3. Infrastructure control and road condition defined by the following:

A) road measurement in public works.

A measurement in km of Marc passing through Tellier to end up with an embroidering of the project area by a 27 km entity.

B) the Michel road coming out of Tellier passing by Michel to arrive at Brodequin is 16 km

4. constructions of 3000 apartments in the section concerned and that each inhabitant has their own place.

He is urged to anyone to plant your pieces in this project.


E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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 Specific objective
1-enable to the young people to  develop in the country, to serve better  their community
2-Help the young people and adults to live better in their community.

3-fashioned lay them on training and give life to everything.

This document is the general requirements and draws attention to certain factors that you must take into consideration when it comes to creating an organization.

The content in four parts:

-1st, is a summary of the general requirements.

-2nd, details about the steps needed to create an organization.

-3rd, contains a discussion of the issues that must be profitable and describes the statutes.

-4th - ... Try the specific topics related to members donations.

Obviously, this type of work cannot be printed substitute competent professionals as to the unique circumstances that accompany the law of the particular organization. However, considering areas of interest to the members who are in the organization ordinarily are the steps we should take to establish the organization and the key to achieve the overall consideration.



The statutes are the charter of the organization, anyone who considers the creation of an organization must determine how they must address each of these points.
Number of members required a minimum of seven (7) to form the organization, but one of them may be in possession of a single action
Nationality of members.
Members may be a natural person, without any nationality issues can all be Haitian or foreign.

The applicant must enclose with your application by the director of the committee and a study prepared by professional ammunition to see if that person meets the requirement or not.


An organization that wishes to work in your community should apply for a license in this area to obtain an operating license.

Gifts in Kind.

If some members of the organization wish to make a donation, they can do so to the extent that they could be in cash or in nature.

.General Meeting
The organizers of the meeting, to do the work of the organization must meet at least five (6) months to approve the financial statements and elect a new director concluded.
Procedures for the establishment of the organization, once the drafting of the statutes is necessaryONG has a non-profit as it is to say, established in 3 departments in Haiti West, South and Southeast, it works in case of development when it comes to: ROAD, ELECTRICITY,WATER, HOUSING, COMMUNITY SCHOOL, PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL. In the program one has to execute in the most vulner able zone as in the rural place.



- To work for the collective well-being and the supervision of the youth, speaking of the most deprived, disadvantaged and domestic children.

-Giving young people a good professional community school and computerized laboratories
-Assist people, young people as adults and vectors to the needs
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International Investment Fair,

organized by the Ecuadorian government

and of Consorcio de Gobiernos Autónomos

Provinciales del Ecuador (CONGOPE)

October 10, 2018 in Quito.

















The exhibition in projection with

the president of the group CIOA,

with the members and partners

of different regions, and especially

those of Ecuador, for the verification

of the project of development.



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The structure of humanity's behavior in the organizational framework develops with an astonishing analysis that for years has always generated from generation to generation the same imbalances by making the secret description for the suppression of the integral leader according to a sterile virtue to imprison humanity. The virtue of the heart of a good leader is the result of a wise society, the warning of the thought of man can both act directly and brutally thestructure of suppression depending on the virtue that has in him: morality being a virtue of thought to reason an article that can apply in the present to demonstrate the surface of justice and why reason can develop without virtue.


 The virtue of the Soul in a Leader makes the sense of alarm act while some leaders feel that the ground is shirking on their feet because they do not want to face the reality, despite this story is perhaps not be destined to everyone. Appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and courage define the virtue of each citizen's heart to the expression of love, of the soul incarnated in the world of space and time. We see today some of our leaders who call themselves human rights defenders are themselves perpetrators of the assassination, and some parts, the evil is their mission in a society with a fictitious human body, jealous of the interest of the people. If education is not the priority of a leader we can't entrust him with the country and the power can become the evil empire of his governance.

Opposition against state works and prevents the way of education of an entire population is an unconditional mental handicap. Humility is the realization that the heart, the mind and the soul intermingle in the grace of a Higher Intelligence or Creative Force, and that their very existence is maintained by this connection to unconditional love. If our leader is foolish of the path of development our future will be a threat of the greatest generation and our hope would be the general work of the heart in the context of war or battlefields against our fictional terrorist leaders as a related element with the act of hiding the truth and gaining power, especially when an injustice is committed. It is common in the present social order to feign ignorance of the injustices of our world.



The description

A Haitian civil society organization to promote human rights, non-profit. Working in the fields of human rights, violence against women, in education, in health, in social, in culture, in politics and integral development etc.


Rights NGOs
recognized by international entities.


Unite to serve better



Founded on June 11, 2004

Jean Marc-nel Etienne (President),

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.